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Initiative & Passion: The story of a Family of Artisans

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Initiative & Passion: The story of a Family of Artisans

It was the 1970's, Vicenza a small city in the Veneto region praised for it's cod dish, it's infamous cat's tale and most of all for it's centuries-old goldsmiths tradition. Gastone Bettinardi is a young courageous goldsmith, which in the years instantly preceding the boom, decides to aim all on his ability and talent. This is the beginning of Bettinardi s.r.l. established in 1977 in the gold district of Vicenza, worldwide catalyst of the goldsmithry that was developing in Italy and in those precise years was in full expansion throughout Europe. In the beginning a home studio was set up where working passionately and untiring to produce gold watches. Those where the years that luxury and valuable watches established status symbol and the clientele became even more demanding and sophisticated. The adventure continues, the company expanded and Gastone's determination knows no boundaries: the birthplace of watchmaking is the nearby Switzerland that Gastone wants to conquer. A suitcase with few samples, friends with the right contacts, a bit of fantasy and an open mind. "We had not known one word of French, looking for a hotel to spend the night we headed towards "Hotel de Ville" which had a lovely sign on the facade. We discovered then that they didn't exactly have rooms!" Gastone Bettinardi explains with extreme irony. Yet that's how it was, misinterpreting foreign road indications, communicating through gestures and traveling always with the sample that Gastone was able to break into the watch industry, acquiring important contacts which made his small artisan company to expand. In the 1980's his children Silvio and Sara joined actively the family business during the precise period in which Bettinardi s.r.l. went beyond borders and imposed upon the USA market as a watch manufacturer with innovative quality products, suitable to the demands of the international public. In those years Bettinardi s.r.l. succeeded in earning a niche in the watch jewel market. The sought-after range but not too exuberant, the production of crafted watches with attention to every single piece hand manufactured by it's artisans, special courtesy to the clientele and pre-sale service, allow them to grow and diffuses its products.

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