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Vicenza, capital of made in italy

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Vicenza, capital of made in italy

Goldsmiths world wide recognizes Vicenza as the international region of the production of goldsmithry and that of luxurious artisan watches. Artisan gold craftsmanship has been handed down from father to son since medieval ages and has contributed in creating a product that can guarantee high class quality thanks to the skillful competence of its creators. The productive vocation of the Vicentine fashion has made it so that original design and manufacturing quality personify as best the definition of“made in Italy”. The watches manufactured by Bettinardi s.r.l. represents all the worth of a long tradition of Vicentine artisans. They are products created entirely custom-made, according to artisan criteria, from master Vicentine goldsmiths that ensue strict quality controls to guarantee a suitable quality to its clients. A Bettinardi jewel watch is guaranteed for 2 years, its post sale service is always available to respond at any moment to assure its clients reliability and continuing service.

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