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Bettinardi s.r.l. imposes because it's able to guarantee seriousness, reliability and trustworthiness in the jewel sector which in recent times has seen difficult times which has left many companies in this sector to face difficult challenges. Bettinardi s.r.l. continues its goldsmith tradition, due to their belief, relying on experience and passion. The typical craftsmanship production of a Bettinardi’s watch is something that culturally at times we don't acknowledge proper value. The production of luxurious craftsman watches together with research design and attention to production has always constituted a recognizable element in our country worldwide. With this certainty Bettinardi s.r.l. faces also the new millennium, creating new range of design watches in stride with modern times but bearing in mind the history and tradition brought forth as far back as 1977. Bettinardi s.r.l. collaborates and coordinates a small team of artisans specializing in the production of specific category of products: Rods, casting, CNC printing and production, creating a network of experts able to confront whatever requests with mastery using even the most modern technology in order to adapt to the needs of an evolving industry.

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