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Gold Craftsmanship: Tradition and Innovation

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Gold Craftsmanship: Tradition and Innovation

Vicenza, City of Palladio. Vicenza is also the capital of goldsmithry because it is here that still today the majority of gold fairs are carried out which summons goldsmiths, jewelers and passionates for luxury worldwide. Above all, the gold production of the city and of all its territory boast ancient craft origins. A goldsmith tradition which has institutionalized. Its first official evidence goes far back as the fourteenth century. Dating back early as the 1300's the first public deed that proves the existence of a thriving gold business in the city is based on the so called constitutional deed "Fraglia degli Orafi di Vicenza" (Goldsmiths Manuscripts of Vicenza). Or rather a guild that gathered then in medieval times 150 goldsmith artisan experts. Later on towards the Renaissance period, goldsmiths art reached high quality and value thanks to a well known Vicentine engraver, Valerio Belli an artist from the entourage of Michelangelo and Raffaello who demonstrated with the burin high level of competence in the workmanship of gem stones and metals. The products of the master goldsmiths craft of Vicenza in which stands out watches convey high quality in jewelry, aiming mainly towards the aristocrats. The reliquary of the holy thorn, a golden chalice and rare gems donated by Fraglia to the church of Santa Corona to safeguard the precious relics Christ's crown of thorns; The crown and the pectoral of the Madonna of Monte Berico, in pure gold which has more than 1000 gem stones from diamonds to rubies. It was during Napoleon's time between 1700's and 1800's that goldsmiths art took off with the transformation of the industry that went from handcrafted to industrial. Alongside ancient workshops and small shops began the launch of numerous family-run businesses in order to protect scrupulously an invaluable handcrafted vocation which has always marked the history of the city. They understood how to gradually cast themselves into the world and innovate in a creative way their creations which has allowed them of becoming able of satisfying the fashion trends highly requested of today’s international trade. Creativity & Quality, tradition and innovation are the unions and basis of the success of the Vicentines. A formula which consents even Bettinardi s.r.l. to place itself on the market as an artisan of luxurious watchmaker made in Italy, yet sophisticated and at the same time offering state of the art solutions. Moreover, guaranteeing the continuation of an established territorial tradition passed on even for Bettinardi, from father to son and generations to come.

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