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Watchbands & Components

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  • Watchbands

    Bettinardi's strength is the ability to abide by the needs of individual clients and being flexible to any particular request of a sector in continuing transformation. Our bracelets presented in the catalog are created as single components and can be combined with the case that you already own, or whichever one of ours in order to create entirely a custom made watch. All of our watches can be custom-made from the choices of a vast selection of bracelets in gold in solid mass or lightweight version. Bettinardi is also able to create custom-made bands, from your drawing a unique and exclusive product can be created.

  • Components

    Also the individual components, such as closures or extra links for bracelets, can be specifically studied in detail, and tailored at your choice in any possible model: millemaglie, classic or elegant. The links can be ordered individually, or arranged to extend bands that you already have. Everything is available in both steel or stainless steel and gold. All items can be made in any carats of gold, from 8kt to 22 kt, and in any color, yellow, white or pink.

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